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As a design lead, you could become better at leading if you become better at serving:

  • your client

You’re beneficial to your client if you’re helping him to fulfill his business goals. You’re good when you’re supporting less experienced colleagues both on a daily basis and in long-term development. And as long as you’re doing fine for the former, you’re already valuable to your employer.

If they’re willing to let you help them, then it’s totally up to you. So, how could you do it?

First, act like you would in any design project — put yourself in their shoes. Try to understand what they need from you. Ignite the discussion by asking the tough questions. Become a better listener instead of being the loudest person in the room. …

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A long time ago, while I was still at university, I traveled frequently from the capital, where I used to study, to my hometown. A four-hour bus ride on the bumpy Serbian roads was an exceptional experience. Lots of crazy stuff was happening in my country back then, and more than a few drivers on the road acted accordingly.

So, whenever the bus driver had to pull the brake hard, it was the signal for the passengers to start raising their head high and bending over to try to see what was going on.

So, did I.

But, as soon as I was disappointed to figure out that I could hardly see any of the events that had already happened, I would pay more attention to the people around me. I’d catch their facial expressions and listen to their comments. And I realized where the real fun was. …

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Ili kritički osvrt na to zašto je dizajn kod nas i dalje mahom u sranju. I zašto još uvek nema više kul digitalnih dizajn agencija koje bi pomerale stvari nabolje.

Istorijski gledano, dizajn dolazi iz primenjene umetnosti. Godinama sam se pripremao, a zatim i studirao na Akademiji. Peglao skice, crtao portete i studije, slikao mrtvu prirodu. Intezivno se bavio umetnošću i razvijao kreativnost. Družio se sa ljudima luckastih ideja i neformalnog pristupa životu. Ljudima ofarbane kose, sa pirsinzima, klošarskog outfita. Koji su od malena nešto farbali, seckali i petljali.

Prava umetnost je buntovna! Inicira promene u svetu oko nas, ali i unutar onoga koji je stvara. I ne samo površinske, već i one dublje, kojih je vazda nezgodno doticati se. …

Pre nekoliko dana sam premijerno gostovao u jednom podcastu. Kod super kul ljudi — digitalne agencije Žiška.

I naravno, brbljao sam o onome što najviše volim da radim. O dizajnu. To mi se zapravo toliko svidelo, da sam rešio da pokrenem sopstveni podcast. I da naširoko pričam o UX-u i svim radostima i tugama koje sobom nosi.

A do tada, bacite pogled na to kako smo se Gorana i ja snašli sa Goranovim zavlačitim i insipirativnim pitanjima:

In July 2018 I have been invited by ‘Practical UX’ — one of the biggest local UX communities to talk about how one could better sell himself as a designer. My focus was on a junior designers, but actually the talk might be helpful for everyone else in IT industry, not designers only.

It was a local event, so unfortunately you can follow only if you understand Serbian. Ping me with your thoughts and ideas.


Nikola Vukasinovic

Design director, speaker, lecturer, co-lead of IxDA, Belgrade / See me rockin’ at

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